Information on renting airformance objects

Price lists

Our price list is a compact tool that we are happy to send you by email (service[a] The list provides a quick overview of the airformance collection with brief descriptions, dates, rental and purchase prices.


Many of the airformance objects are suitable for self-assembly. Assembly instructions are always included. If you have any questions before or during assembly, we will be happy to help you by phone or email.

The combination of screw connections and Velcro/fleece on the majority of airformance objects makes work quick and easy.

Assembly service by airformance design

Benefit from our sense of space and our professionalism. If you wish, we will be happy to stage the airformance objects on site. The corresponding costs are listed in the offer.

Quotation & Planning

We are happy to support you in your planning. With information on the use of the objects, with photos and 3D data. Once your object requirements have been determined, we will calculate a customised offer with all costs incurred.

When requesting a quote, please state the entire rental period (not just the days of the event).

Designs with the rental collection

airformance objects were designed to create ambience. They are made for stages and presentations, trade fairs and events. In many of them there is more potential than meets the eye. Please contact us. We will be happy to make suggestions for your event. Functional and creative. Just as your event requires.

By the way, a large part of the airformance collection is available in the “Easy Raum” planning software.

By the way: all objects are designed and manufactured in our own studio.

Transport by haulage company

We will gladly organise the delivery and collection of the objects for you. For this, we need a fixed contact person on site (with telephone number) who will take over or hand over the objects. We also need the delivery times and the exact delivery address. Additional costs may be incurred for short-notice, additional deadline requests, e.g. delivery by 12 noon. This may also be the case for delivery to a trade fair site.

Packaging of the objects

The objects arrive at your premises in exemplary packaging. For a return transport, this type of packaging serves as a template. Keep packaging materials and use them in the same way. Additional packaging material such as stretch film is often enclosed with the consignment. Should damage occur to the objects due to inadequate packaging, additional costs may be incurred to repair this damage.

Check for completeness and damage

The consignment must be checked for completeness and damage immediately upon receipt. If damage is found or the consignment is not complete, please be sure to note this fact on the carrier’s receipt (handwritten). If possible, document the damage. For example, quickly take a photo of the damage or of the incoming consignment and the receipt and send it to info[a]

As a rule, only sign the carrier’s receipt after a check.

Object check after transport

Bolted connections must be checked for strength after transport. Likewise, other components that could possibly become loose due to movements during transport. Any looseness must be repaired by the hirer of the objects so that the objects can be used safely.

Wet fabrics = dry before dispatch

Damp or wet fabrics must be dried immediately (!!) after use and before return transport or collection. This prevents the formation of mould stains.

Mould stains are irreparable and devalue the fabric. If the drying process delays dispatch or a new collection date has to be arranged, please contact airformance design immediately.

Never pull fabrics over edges (= Weals)

For many objects, fabric covers are pulled over substructures.

As with bed coverings, always roll up the fabric on the arm first and then place it appropriately at the corner of the object. This helps to avoid weals that can occur when the fabric is roughly pulled over the object.

These weals remain permanently visible in the fabric. Nobody wants that. Therefore, please handle the fabrics with care.

Handling of the fabrics

The fabrics must be handled carefully so that no soiling or damage occurs. This includes working with clean hands and on clean surfaces. Do not drag the objects or materials across the floor. When working with risers etc., make sure that no lubricating oils/greases come into contact with the materials. When cutting away floor foils or similar, make sure that the fabrics are not cut. When dismantling, pack the fabrics directly into the bags provided or place them in boxes.

Damage to objects during the rental period

airformance objects leave the house checked and in usable condition. If damage occurs to the objects during your project and you are aware of it, please inform airformance design.

The objects will be checked again after return delivery. If damage is then discovered, costs may be incurred to repair it. Likewise in the event of a loss of airformance materials.

Rigging / Rigging materials

Supplied rigging material (steel cables, cabariner etc.) may only be used in connection with airformance objects. Other uses are not permitted. Overloading, e.g. dropping loads, must be avoided. If defects are noticed in the rigging material, do not use it and mark it if possible. Inform airformance design about this. The hirer is responsible for the safe installation of the objects in accordance with the regulations. This applies especially to airspace objects.

Installation of airformance objects

Den Objekten sind Aufbauanleitungen beigefügt. Die darin aufgeführten Hinweise zur sicheren Installation müssen bei der Installation der Objekte stets berücksichtigt werden. Airformance-Objekte sind immer gemäß den Anleitungen aufzubauen und nur bestimmungsgemäß zu verwenden.

Darüber hinaus gelten die allgemeinen Sicherheits- und Unfallverhütungsvorschriften des Gesetzgebers.

Note on rental equipment

The fabric covers of the airformance objects are and remain fabrics. This means they are sensitive to soiling and damage. Rented fabrics may therefore show minimal signs of use. There may also be slight nuances in the colour of white fabrics.

These notes you are reading describe how to keep the fabric covers intact for as long as possible, to the delight of all our customers. Thank you for your cooperation


In the case of transport by third parties (e.g. parcel shipment or transport by freight forwarder), the control and responsibility lies with the respective company. In principle, there are general risks that can delay or prevent transport.

Despite fixed deadlines, actual delivery on the fixed date cannot therefore be guaranteed by airformance design. This also applies to projects where we carry out the assembly ourselves. Of course, we are interested in making the transports as optimal as possible.

Failure / Cancellation

If events for which objects from the airformance collection were scheduled are cancelled, the rental of the objects can be cancelled free of charge up to two weeks before the agreed delivery date. If transport has already begun at this time or the goods have been commissioned, 15% of the order sum plus the actual transport costs incurred will be charged as compensation for expenses.

In the case of individual object constructions, no cancellation is possible due to the work and material input already carried out in advance. The agreed amount for the corresponding project is due in full.

Electrical parts and battery LEDs

In principle, all electrical components (fans, lamps) should be switched off after use. This is safer and saves energy. Please make sure that the LEDs are switched OFF when charging in the case. Supervise the charging process. The lamps must also be switched off when they are shipped. If any defects are found in the electrical components (e.g. cables or lamp sockets etc.), do not use them. It is best to mark the parts and inform airformance design.

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