Pixel and cube world

Event example: backdrop of pixel and cube

Box up, pixels out. For an event at Düsseldorf airport, a geometric concept with objects made of white Stretc fabric B1 was chosen. Cubes, pixels and Kubix room dividers created a summery, light atmosphere over two floors in the large Station Airport.

What initially caught the eye as a strict design grid was a large round wall surface. Here 65 pixels were hanging close to each other in regular distance. However, the grid was broken up and the pixels seemingly tumbled down the wall. They transitioned to cubes scattered from the wall to the floor.

The triangular stage on the opposite side was again given a background of pixels. A lounge and dining area, on the other hand, was structured with Lochkubix room dividers. The many vistas and perspectives made the sight so exciting and entertaining. Guests enjoyed a modern and lavish ambience. On the airformance -> Facebook page there is a small -> video about this project.

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