Kubix cube

Airspace object: Cubix cube

White stretch fabric B1 lies skin-tight over an aluminium substructure. The edges are cleanly defined. The attachment by means of Velcro / fleece is quick and easy. Kubix cubes can be used to create a wide variety of pictures. Cube accents on a small event stage have just as strong an effect as area-wide airspace decorations.

One side is open so that the cubes can be well illuminated. The fabric bodies are suitable as projection surfaces. Kubix cubes with edge lengths of 60 cm, 100 cm and 180 cm are suitable for self-assembly. One or two suspension points are required. The set-up time is about 10 to 20 minutes. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects. The assembly service for Kubix cubes 250 is provided by airformance design. Here you need two hanging points.

Cube 60

H 60 cm
B 60 cm
D 60 cm
3.5 Kg

Cube 100

H 100 cm
B 100 cm
D 100 cm
6.1 Kg

Cube 180

H 180 cm
W 180 cm
D 180 cm
20 Kg

Cube 250

H 250 cm
W 250 cm
W 250 cm
30 Kg