Effektsäule (Effect column)

Floor object: Effektsäule

These objects are sophisticated in the truest sense of the word. A cover made of white stretch fabric B1 nestles over an aluminium substructure. The objects can be effectively backlit. The light refracts beautifully in the many folds. Effektsäulen (Effect columns) are available in three sizes up to the imposing height of almost 5 meters. Effect columns are suitable for self-assembly. The assembly time is about 15 minutes per piece. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Effektsäule 290

H 290 cm
W 40 cm
D 40 cm

Effektsäule 400

H 394 cm
W 55 cm
D 55 cm

Effektsäule 500

H 494 cm
W 70 cm
D 70 cm