Lounge Leaf

Floor object: Lounge Leaf

The design of the white standing sails unfolds especially in the upper area. On the floor, the objects made of stretch fabric B1 take up little space. The slight inclination suggests a roof, which has a positive effect on the atmospheric feeling of space. The classic of the airformance collection is uncomplicated to illuminate and also otherwise easy to handle. Lounge Leafs are often used at events as stage objects, companions or as portals. Decoration and function in one object. Lounge Leaf are suitable for self-assembly. The assembly time is about 5 to 10 minutes per piece. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Lounge Leaf 290

H 290 cm
W 150 cm
40 x 40 cm

Lounge Leaf 370

H 370 cm
W 200 cm
40 x 40 cm

Bodenobjekt: Lounge Leaf