Airspace object: Tetrawing

Tetrawings have a timeless, modern design. The cells can be used individually or in certain formations to enrich the event airspace or exhibition stand. The white sails made of ripstop B1 or stretch fabric B1 are excellent projection surfaces. Thus, tetrawings can be “dipped” into any light color. To some, the shapes remind them of a flock of birds. The object frame consists of inserted rods and plastic connectors. The fabric is then clamped into this framework. The object is an interpretation of a classic kite. The assembly service for the tetrawings is provided by airformance design.

Tetrawings 1 cell

W 130 cm
L 80 cm
D 60 cm
0.16 Kg

Luftraumobjekt: Tetrawing

Tetrawings 4 cell

W 260 cm
L 160 cm
D 120 cm
0.64 Kg

Tetrawings 20 cell

W 520 cm
L 320 cm
D 240 cm
3.2 Kg