Airspace object: Henri (lamp)

The design of the white lamp “Henri” is classic. The light bodies made of stretch fabric B1 are optimized for events. A dimmable light source is included. The object can also be illuminated from above with an external light source. Henris are offered in two sizes. Each object requires a suspension point as well as a power connection (1 x 230 V). Henris are suitable for self-assembly. The set-up time is about 6 to 15 minutes. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Henri 80

Ø 80 cm
H 40 cm
1.8 Kg

Henri 100

Ø 100 cm
H 50 cm
2.8 Kg

Henri 160

Ø 160 cm
H 80 cm
9 Kg

Extra option
for Henri 160:
Globe lamp

Ø 40 cm