Airspace object: Kristall

The wintry look makes Kristall objects the ideal decoration for snowy or Christmas events. Rods are joined by plastic connectors to form a frame in which light-strong sails made of Ripstop B1 are stretched. Kristall are suitable for self-assembly. The assembly time is about 5 to 8 minutes. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Kristall 110

Ø 110 cm
D 70 cm
0.4 Kg

Kristall 160

Ø 160 cm
T 80 cm
0,6 Kg

Kristall 260

Ø 260 cm
D 95 cm
0,8 Kg

Kristall 260 komplex

Ø 260 cm
D 95 cm
0.9 Kg