Airspace object: Lilly

The flower-like lightweights are made of white stretch fabric B1. Events blossom with this decoration. The organic looking airspace object is available in different sizes. Lillys with heights of 160 cm and 250 cm are suitable for self-assembly. You need one hanging point at a time. The set-up time is about 1 minute. The assembly service for Lilly 370 is provided by airformance design.

Lilly 160 opaque

H 160 cm
Ø 100 cm
0.5 Kg

Lilly 250 opaque

H 250 cm
Ø 140 cm
0.9 Kg

Lilly 370 opaque

H 370 cm
Ø 200 cm
2.3 Kg

Lilly 280 semi-transparent

H 280 cm
Ø 150 cm
0.7 Kg

Lilly 370 semi-transparent

H 370 cm
Ø 200 cm
0.7 Kg