Airspace object: Delta

These projection screens look particularly charming due to their rounded corners. Deltas can also be used to set direction at events. The objects can be hung straight or at an angle. The aluminium substructure is covered with B1 stretch fabric. Depending on the staging and the size of the object, one to three hanging points are required. The fabric is attached to the aluminium construction by means of Velcro/fleece. Deltas are suitable for self-daubing. The assembly time is about 7 to 15 minutes. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Delta 170

Edge 170 cm
Wh* 156 cm
r corner 30cm
5.4 Kg

Delta 250

Edge 250 cm
Wh* 225 cm
r corner 30cm
8.1 Kg

Delta 320

Edge 320 cm
Wh* 286 cm
r corner 30cm
10.4 Kg