Airspace object: Curl

The slender bands of white stretch fabric B1 wind in the air space and are in slight motion due to the room thermals. They come in five lengths. The objects are very easy to assemble (unpack and ready) and each has a hanging point. Curls can be used to create enticing decorations in the event airspace. Curls are suitable for self-assembly. The set-up time is about 1 minute. Assembly instructions are enclosed with the objects.

Curl 260

L 260 cm
W 20 cm
Ø 80 cm
0.4 Kg

Curl 310

L 320 cm
W 20 cm
Ø 130 cm
0.5 Kg

Curl 480

L 480 cm
W 20 cm
Ø 120 cm
0,6 Kg

Curl 600

L 600 cm
W 20 cm
Ø 140 cm
1.0 Kg

Curl 740

L 740 cm
W 20 cm
Ø 180 cm
1.5 Kg