Semi-transparent Stretchsegel (stretch sails)

Semi-transparent Stretchsegel (stretch sails)

Due to the translucency of these sails, overlapping planes can be designed. In combination with light projections, attractive effects are created. The event airspace can be compressed or kept airy in this way. Our semi-transparent stretch sails are delicate yet bright.

And another advantage: the low weight is particularly effective with large moulds. The sails stretch more smoothly into space. The standard color is white. Stretch sails are suitable for self-assembly. They are tightened in the room by means of cords.

If it should be a special form or colour, then simply ask us. We produce all sails (and other objects) flexibly in our own studio.

Chili micro

2.2 m x
1.9 m x
1.6 m

Chili mini

3.4 m x
3 m x
1.8 m

Chili midi

3.2 m x
2.6 m x
2.3 m

Chili A

5.4 m x
4.4 m x
2.8 m

Chili B

7 m x
5 m x
3.6 m

Chili C

7 m x
5 m x
4.8 m

4point shapes, semi-transparent:
E = edge; / = diagonal

Tramontana mini

E 1,6 m
/ 2,3 m

Tramontana A

E 3.25m
/ 4.6 m

Tramontana B

E 4.8 m
/ 6.8 m

Tramontana C

E 6.4 m
/ 9 m

Bora A

E 6.,2 x 4 m
/ 8.3 x 5.6 m

Bora B

E 5.4 x 3.8 m
/ 6.8 x 6 m

Bora C

E 5,8 x 5,6 m
/ 9.4 x 6.6 m

Special shapes, semi-transparent:

Halbtransparente Stretchsegel

Three-dimensional stage sail with rear guy points, “shell” shape
E 19 x 10.6 m

Funnel shape with square ground plan, to be clamped in a truss frame, centre point is braced downwards
E 10 x 10 m
D 4 to 5 m

Please note: The size and weight information is approximate. Slight deviations are possible. There may be slight colour nuances in the fabrics.