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Shopping experience: book pages whirl through the salesroom

A comprehensive redesign was on the agenda for this large book shop in Aachen. The salesroom, which extends over several floors, was completely restructured and redesigned according to a concept by designer Tobias Schmitz (Designbrauerei).

An aerial staging should connect the different levels and thematic areas. A total of 190 book pages flew through the shop for this. Of course, the “literature vortex” should also look good and provide guests with a refreshing, as well as beautiful, shopping experience. The careful handling of the existing architecture was imperative. Above all, the weight should be as low as possible.

The result is a poetic overall picture. Each book page was about 42cm x 60cm. Flame-retardant forex was used as the material. To create a dynamic impression, the individual pages were individually shaped by hand. It should look like they are flying in the wind.

The book pages were supported by a curved construction made of aluminium tubing. This was accurately fitted into the premises. airformance design was involved in the planning and implementation of the project.

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