Elephant head as projection surface

DJ Stage Set: Huge Animal Head Stretch Fabric B1

The elephant’s head is an impressive stage object that almost looks like it is folded out of paper. However, it is a construction made of aluminium, covered with white stretch fabric B1. airformance design developed and built this 12 m high sculpture as a projection surface for an electronic music festival. Underneath the head was a DJ booth: what a backdrop.

The elephant was constructed from five pieces and assembled on site (in a large tent). Since the individual parts were already too large for the Krefeld airformance studio, the object was built outdoors. The warm, dry summer made it possible. For the transport the object had to be packed very small. At the festival venue, the puzzle had to be put together again. No problem thanks to good planning and labeling. The project was a lot of work, but the result makes us happy and proud.